I Love You, Mum -

I Promise I Won’t Die

Script: Mark Wheeller.
Duration: 90 minutes (Can be performed as
two One Act Plays 45 minutes each.)  
Cast: 22 (11m, 11f) 

Methuen publish this play in
their Plays for Young People series here:

A dvd of the OYT performance is available
from the Wheellerplays Store 

Wizard Theatre Company tour a 50 minute
version of the plays with a workshop.

I Love You, Mum was commissioned by Daniel Spargo Mabbs Foundation

“Devastating! I haven’t stopped thinking about it... beautiful, heart breaking and truly important piece of theatre. The impact of I Love You, Mum - I Promise I Won’t Die is a Drama teachers dream. Go and watch as I promise you will want to use it.
Alice Mitchell: Drama teacher from Wilts.

On Friday 17th January 2014, Dan persuaded his mum to let him go to a party, with a group of friends.  He went to an illegal rave and took MDMA; At 05.30, the police knocked on his parents front door to give them the shocking news that he was fighting for his life.  At 12.50 on Monday 20th Jan, Dan died, surrounded by his family.

Dan's death is a tragedy that needn't have happened: he was a really well-liked, bright, talented, funny and charming young man, on the verge of adulthood.  I Love You Mum, is Dan’s story, in the words of his friends. The second part, I Promise I Won’t Die, is Dan’s story in the words of his own (and his girlfriends) family.

Dispels the belief that people who use drugs are from troubled/disaffected backgrounds.  Days later I am still thinking about it, a testament to how powerful and moving it was.
Ali Garner parent and Teaching Assistant.

Here’s a documentary by Danny Sturrock on the making of the play.